Do You Love Me
A Poem and an Art Piece
The room started spinning
When he looked into my eyes
Then the room spun faster
As he took my hand into his
He said he wanted to be with only me
I said that it would be fine with me
And as he wallked me back to my house
I knew that he would always love me
He kissed me once
And then kissed me again
And somehow this passion
Just could not end
I imagined myself
With this fine chocolate hunk
Together forever
I must've been drunk
To me we made love
To him we just had sex
And then I realized
He moved on to the next
What was I thinking
Why was I so blind
Why couldn't I see
That his eyes were not really on mine
So desperate for love
I took what I could get
Now lost and all alone
Without a clue as to what went wrong
I guess I was just too busy pretending
That "My Love" would ever come
And when I asked him
That very fine night
"Baby, Do You Love Me?"
He responded, "Without A Doubt".
Now I am the one who suffers
While he gets to continue to have "His Fun"
I guess I will just pray
That the damage can be undone
And even if it isn't
Until the day that I die
I will just keep my head
Way up to the sky
For people may call me
The Big City Slut
And having sex at age 12
They say I deserve everything I get
The 33 year old man
Goes away scott free
As I begin to fill my voids
With men who continue to hurt me
I never realize
Until it is too late
That fairy tales are just for kids
And my Prince will never come
And Christians who condemn me
Will never know my pain
So kicked out of churches
Is my only domain
No one to say "I Love You"
No one who really cares
But God they say
Is the only one who really stares
As I cry out to Him
While still feeling so alone
The leaders of the churches
Spiritually murder me
But the one thing I ask them
The one thing I want to know
"Do You Love Me?"
...And they respond
"My Child, Without A Doubt".
By: Ruby N. Lewis
Copyrighted 2006
***Please forward this poem to everyone you know to stop spiritual abuse and also to help others like this. For more information on spiritual abuse, please pick up a copy of Bishop T.D. Jakes' book, "Woman, Thou Art Loosed" (the original version, not the movie version) from your nearest bookstore or you can visit A mind, heart, and soul is a terrible thing to waste.

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