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Something Is Missing
Deep in the heart of women, you will find the most precious jewel there is. Women are creatures, that even in the midst of tragedy and hurt, they will try to be strong at any cost. Coming from an era when they were meant to be seen and not heard, women have had to face and overcome many obstacles, especially over the past century.
Rape, murder, sodomy, sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexism, homelessness, single-parenting, abortion, gender discrimination, racism, breast and ovarian cancer, sexual harassment, low self-esteem, bulimia, anorexia, loneliness, divorce, false child protective services allegations, sexually transmitted diseases, religion, homosexuality, suicide, becoming a United States orphan, drugs, and alcohol are just some of the issues that women still face today. Struggling to find their place in life, some women turn to “the church”; however that isn’t so easy if there is an absence of support, compassion, and empathy. It can also become a burden and a curse rather than a blessing if the wrong people are running that church.
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find the “right” man to get married to. I have met so many men who just want to have sex and not a real relationship. Having been sexually molested throughout majority of my childhood has left me quite scarred. Some men just do not realize the severity of the trauma they cause when they just please themselves and throw everything else to the wind. I can honestly say that I do not remember when my virginity was taken. I was never given the opportunity to give it away. I always wonder what goes through a man’s head when they do some of the things that they do.
Being a United States orphan, there are also a great number of things that I have not experienced. I often wonder how many of the women who have been where I have been have made it to that special place of serenity. However, doing a lot research has led me to believe that most women often do not make it that far. I believe that women are dying, not just physically, but spiritually, sexually, and emotionally as well. More and more women are “snapping”, going crazy, becoming homosexual, committing suicide, developing eating disorders, doing drugs and alcohol, getting revenge/even, taking medication, and yes, even committing murder.
Plenty of times, I have also found that going to church lends no helping hand. New Christians do not know how to pray or worship and the older generations don’t teach them. I have found myself repeating “The Lord’s Prayer” because lots of times I just did not know what to say. Other women my age also seeking answers and asking questions but have yet to discover the light, seemed just as lost as I am. Going to church has become more of a “copycat” session rather than a revival. Asking questions feels like a burden because there is either no time to have them answered in bible study, church, or Sunday School, or older Christians can’t understand why the younger generation just doesn’t “get it” like they do. I have been told quite a bit that when I pray Jesus will answer me, but a lot of times I wish that I was as close to Jesus as Bishop T.D. Jakes is. Jesus always takes care of me wherever I go, but I always feel like something is missing. I look around the church wanting to speak in tongues, cry, and dance like everyone else. It seems like the more I pray, the more lost I become. I know Jesus is real because I have felt that overwhelming peace and I know it is him. Whenever I even think about the end times and the possibility that Jesus might tell me to depart from him he never knew me, I cry because he is the only father I have ever known…but something is still missing.
Looking at him with my own watery eyes and still not being able to actually see the “light”, I wonder, “Where do I go from here”? Then I close my eyes and realize that I feel really alone, lost, and scared and I am truly “spiritually blind”.
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